Adult Sunday School

Sunday School

At FUMC, small group ministry occurs primarily through Sunday School classes. Classes meet weekly for Bible study, service, prayer, care, and fellowship. Each class offers unique opportunities to grow in faith as common journeys of discipleship are shared. Classes are organized broadly by age, but anyone may join any class.

Adult Sunday School Classes

Good Goats | Ages 18 - 40s

The Good Goats Class is comprised of working adults who seek honest and open dialogue concerning their faith and how it shapes their everyday lives. The material mainly favors life application studies with the occasional in-depth scripture series. Members are actively involved in various areas of church ministry and stay close outside of Sunday School. If you are seeking to deepen your faith journey and have a good time doing so, this may be the class for you.

Location: Room 102
Ages: 18-40s

Followers | Ages 30-60s

This class focuses on the experiences, thoughts, and concerns of 30-something couples and singles with an emphasis on becoming followers of Christ. Bible study is enhanced by sharing and lively group discussion. Lots of social activities and mission projects bring the group together outside of church.

Location: Mezzanine (Upper Level)
Ages: 30-60s

The Well | Ages 20-40s

A class designed for those searching for a group of believers who will partner with them on their spiritual journey. Comprised of couples and singles of blended ages and backgrounds, this group will appeal to those wanting a relaxed, discussion based format with lots of laughter, sharing and fellowship. Class members as well as guest teachers will lead the group through in-depth Bible study as well as contemporary book studies and faith application topics. We are developing associations with specific mission opportunities and are looking forward to planning a variety of social activities. Come as you are and meet us at The Well.

Location: Room 114
Ages: 20-40s

Abundant Disciple | Ages 40+

This combined class offers Bible Study with some discussion. They actively participate in church-wide missions and regularly support RIFA. Social gatherings are enjoyed throughout the year and they support one another as needs arise. All ages welcome.

Location: Chapel, Room 104
Ages: 40+

Upper Room | Ages 40+

The target group for this busy, active class is couples and single career individuals. Their goal is to learn and grow through Bible study. Class socials, family-oriented outings, and other trips and activities under-gird the commitment to fellowship and family support.

Location: Room 117
Ages: 40+

Friends in Faith | Ages 40-60s

This class is discussion oriented studying biblical and current event curriculum. Fellowship through study, socials, and missions is emphasized.

Location: Room 111
Ages: 40-60s

Women in Christ | Ages 50+

Made up of women of all ages, this class is characterized by warm Christian fellowship. Class studies include explorations of the Holy Bible and books by well-known Christian authors.

Location: Room 108
Ages: 50+

Family Life Forum | Ages 55+

This class offers lively group discussions. Most studies feature well-known Christian scholars and theologians sharing life applications of faith. Year round social gatherings and hands-on mission projects are integral parts of this group. The class mission is “to enhance spiritual growth, be a work force in the Church, and love and support each other.”

Location: Room 119
Ages: 55+

Living Stones | Ages 40+

A contemporary class that includes a diverse group of couples and singles of all ages. A casual discussion format is used to study the Bible and practical life issues and the associated Christian context. Class members take turns leading studies. Social gatherings and support of mission projects are also important.

Location: Room 109
Ages: 40+

Religion For Life | Ages 55+

This class for couples and singles studies all types of literature related to religion’s presence in daily life. Current issues, classics, and Biblical texts have been used as themes. The class enjoys a series of guest teachers throughout the year.

Location: Room 118
Ages: 55+

Dick Nunn | Ages 65+

The Dick Nunn class celebrated its Golden Anniversary in 1989. Lecture-style lessons are based on scripture. At 8:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of the month, members meet for Dutch treat breakfast at Perkins Restaurant on Vann Drive. Contribution to missions is a strong priority.

Location: Room 112
Ages: 65+

Laura Russell / Tri Mu | Ages 65+

This class studies a curriculum based on a regular calendar of scripture readings.  Members keep in contact with shut-ins, contribute to several charitable groups, and enjoy Christmas and spring luncheons together.

Location: Room 110
Ages: 65+

Wesley Fellowship | Ages 65+

The Wesley Fellowship Class is an energetic class of couples and singles.  The primary focus is on study of the Bible, its meanings, and life application.  Those with a deep respect for scripture and a desire to learn through discussion and questions will enjoy this group.

Location: Room 120
Ages: 65+