Prayer ministries at FUMC have evolved out of the experiences and desires of the people. You are invited to be a part of this time of praise and intercessory prayer.

Intercessory Prayer Groups

Pastors and staff members pray for all aspects of FUMC life, and especially for those concerns submitted each Sunday on prayer request cards and online prayer requests.

Worship Support Prayer Teams

These prayer teams are in the Prayer Chapel on Sundays to pray for pastors, worship leaders, and the congregation, as well as for specific prayer requests submitted during prayer time at the services. Members commit to pray with other team members one Sunday each month.

Prayer and Encouragement Cards

Special cards available at each worship service for the purpose of encouraging and affirming others may be submitted during Sunday morning worship. They are mailed the following week to the designated recipient.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Do you enjoy knitting? A Prayer Shawl is a work of loving hands and hearts responding to the guidance of God’s Spirit, a tangible symbol of God’s love reaching in to human hearts through the prayers and service of others.  Prayer Shawl Ministry members knit or crochet shawls that are given to individuals who are ill, suffering a loss, or are otherwise in the midst of a life crisis. Patterns and yarns are provided for prayer shawls, preemie caps, chemo caps and afghans.  Before the work begins, yarn for each shawl is blessed with a special prayer. Every time ministry team members work on the shawls, whether in a group or at home, they begin with prayer and scripture reading. Upon completion, another blessing is bestowed on the shawl and it is hand-delivered to the special recipient.

Grandmother’s L.A.P. (Love and Praise)

Grandmothers who pray for the youth of our church.  Meeting monthly, each youth is lifted up by name and any special concerns are shared through prayer.  If you would like to take part in this ministry, please contact Leila Lawrence at 668-1627.

Prayer Chapel

Located on the main level of the building, across from the door leading into the sanctuary, the Prayer Chapel is always open to anyone seeking a quiet moment of communion with God. Prayer requests may be entered in the open book that is kept on the altar.